Project Payback

Project Payback is a juvenile, restorative justice restitution program housed within the Victim Services Division of the State Attorney's Office. In the 8th Judicial Circuit of Florida, all juvenile defendants who owe restitution are also court-ordered to successfully complete Project Payback as a condition of their probation.
The purpose of Project Payback is to monitor and enforce restitution.  Project Payback has worked to accomplish its mission by developing juvenile employability skills by giving juveniles who are unable to become employed the option of completing community restitution service hours, and by improving the enforcement procedures used by the various juvenile justice agencies.
For juveniles who are employable, Project Payback offers assistance in searching for employment and creating a resume. For juveniles who are unable to become employed, Project Payback requires them to complete “community restitution service” hours. For every verified hour that the juvenile successfully completes at an approved site, Project Payback will forward $10.00/hour to the victim.
In the event that the juvenile does not comply with the program requirements, Project Payback will set the juvenile for a Compliance Hearing and bring the case to the court's attention.
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The Juvenile Justice System & Victims' Rights

Project Payback

Internship Available at Project Payback

Former Interns or Volunteers requesting a letter of recommendation:
If you are a former Project Payback, Victim Advocate intern or volunteer and would like to request a letter of recommendation, please contact Erin Clark at 352-337-6178 or and we will be happy to write a letter for you.  Please provide at least 2 weeks for us to respond to your request.


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