Division Chief State Attorney Firearm Enforcement Unit

Sean Brewer, State Attorney Firearm Enforcement Unit

The State Attorney Firearm Enforcement (SAFE) Unit is dedicated to the prosecution of firearm crimes. The criminal use of firearms in the commission of crimes presents a constant and on-going danger to the citizens of our community and is of the upmost importance to the Office of the State Attorney. This division has been created to ensure that such crimes are prosecuted effectively and vigorously and in compliance with the mandates of Florida's 10-20-Life statute. Individuals who commit crimes such as homicide, robbery, and assault are on notice through the work of the SAFE Unit that they can expect to be held accountable for their crimes and to face prison sentences.

The SAFE Unit has two primary goals: to aggressively investigate, prosecute and bring to trial cases in which firearms have been used and which fall under the 10-20-Life statute, and to develop relationships with law enforcement agencies that further the exchange of information and facilitate the prosecution of these cases. The SAFE Unit also provides community outreach and involvement in a variety of ways designed to foster public support of and information as to its role in the Office of the State Attorney and the community.

The SAFE Unit is supervised by Assistant State Attorney Brian Kramer, and is additionally staffed by Assistant State Attorneys George Wright and Daniel Owen. Deputy Chief Investigator Darry Lloyd is assigned to provide investigative services to the Unit. Support staff services are provided by Mary Hathcock.