Division Chief Baker County

Ralph Yazdiya
Division Chief, Baker County

Bordering Charleton and Ware Counties in Georgia, Baker County constitutes the northernmost county of the Eighth Judicial Circuit. The Baker County Office is vested with responsibility for prosecution of all criminal cases, including felony, misdemeanor, traffic, and juvenile, that arise within the county.

The Baker County Office currently has two attorneys devoted full-time to the prosecution of criminal cases. One of the prosecutors resides in Baker County and are available on an around-the-clock basis to respond to emergencies and provide legal advice to local law enforcement agencies. In addition the Baker County Office shares an experienced investigator with Bradford County who provides investigative services for the attorneys, assists local law enforcement agencies, and investigates specifically assigned cases. A victim advocate is also assigned to the Baker County Office to assist victims and witnesses throughout the course of their involvement with the criminal justice system.

The vast majority of cases received are referred for prosecution by the Baker County Sheriff's Office, the primary law enforcement agency located within the county. Other referring agencies include the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, the Florida Highway Patrol, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and the Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigations. The Baker County Office also prosecutes cases referred by the Baker County School Board involving parents who fail to send their children to school, and worthless check cases referred directly by the victims of worthless checks.