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    Juveniles 16 years of age and older are offered the option to either have a job or be actively looking for a job, unless they are able to pay back their restitution through other means (allowance, parents, etc). Juveniles are required to use the money they earn to make regular monthly payments towards their restitution balance. During the Job Employability Skills training classes, Project Payback will teach the juvenile ways to get and keep a job.

    The Group Training will cover the following:

    • Basic Truths in Life
    • Levels of Doing & Levels of Attention
    • Are we paying attention to our purposes and goals or to our fleeting feelings and emotions?
    • Business Terms
    • How to make a good first impression & the importance of first impressions
    • 25 reasons people don't get hired
    • What is the employer paying attention to? (as it relates to applications, interviews & appearance)
    • Conviction, Adjudication and Confidentiality - How to answer questions about your criminal history
    • Customer Service & Keeping Your Job

    The Individual Trainings will cover the following:

    • One-on-one personalized training
    • Gratitude - paying attention to what have we received, what have we returned and what work, cost or inconvenience we create just by the very act of living in this society.
    • job applications
    • drafting a résumé
    • mock interviews and phone calls
    • job search
    • employment responsibilities

    You must call Caitlin Ormond at (352) 337-6178 or ormondc@sao8.org. to schedule an individual training. All classes are held at the Office of the State Attorney 120 West University Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32602